Red-winged Tinamou, Argentina

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our first edition of Tuesday Bird Watching at On Tuesday, June 5th, 2012, my next book, A Home for Bird (Roaring Brook Press, A Neal Porter Book) will be released. Although the bird in A Home for Bird is an inanimate cuckoo bird (Shhh!!!! Don’t tell the protagonist, Vernon the toad!) the eventual release of the book offers a great opportunity to carve out some quiet time for some real, live bird watching. Well, sort of. Actually we’ll be delving into my stamp collection much like we did for the online countdown for Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat over at 365 Boats. We’ll be traveling the world again, this time stopping to marvel at the amazing variety of winged creatures out there. Today we visit Argentina where we’re lucky enough to find a Red-winged Tinamou, a medium-sized ground-living bird that technically can fly, but chooses not to.

I wonder where we’ll go next? And what we’ll see? Come find out with me next Tuesday!

Until Next Time,