Wherein I Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of My Favorite Place in Ann Arbor, The Espresso Bar at Braun Ct. in Kerrytown

Well, today is the triumphant one year anniversary of my favorite place in town, The Espresso Bar. I’d hoped to commemorate The Espresso Bar’s special day with a real polaroid, but, as has often recently been the case, my camera was none too happy with Michigan’s grim February light. My Polaroid is a delicate little flower that requires exactly the right conditions in order to thrive. You may have noticed a slow down of late in my Real Polaroid Friday consistency. It is 100% the fault of this dismal weather. So today, rather than waste any more precious, expensive film I offer you this photo of me, taken by Erin, as I attempt (and fail) to take handsome photos of our perfectly crafted beverages. One of my favorite things about The Espresso Bar is this lone booth that sits in the front corner. It is almost an exact replica of the lunch booths that populated my high school cafeteria. Sitting across from me here is my friend Nicole, who I’ve known since she was 14 years old. She and I have spent a lot of time sitting in booths that look exactly like this one.

So, three cheers for sitting around wasting time with old friends.

And three cheers for The Espresso Bar. Stop in. If you love coffee you will not be disappointed.